products in 2020

I spend some time in development and testing of some products for my own projects and offer this yet in my shop on

Bipolar Powersupply, perfect for Standalone devices like the TTSH

SSM2210 SSM2220 direct replacement:

2019 summary

Most DIY Projects was delayed or not finished..

  • ENIGMA was announced (Arp2600 inspired synth) - still in progress
  • DAVID half of the system is done -still in progress
  • TTSH v4 was released 
  • RSF KOBOL Clone 9month delayed (have to complete mine)
  • Kijimi was released by Black Corp (with few month delay)
  • 2019 run of Cloney VCS3 clone with 6month delay (last parts was sent to users in december19)
  • RE-606 by Paul Barker was released
  • Jan Martin Koehler released his PLAITS in MU and MOTM format (DIY and assembled)

I made in the meantime some MU Format modules.. and still offer this for sale in 2020 MOTM300 in MU Format

Haible Triple Chorus and Haible Tau Pipe Phaser and 2 own new cases  - this cases types are planned to sell in 2020 

furthermore i renovated my basement, in a separate room is my DIY LAB yet and the studio was upgraded with some new gear.

I installed in my X32 Mixer a MADI card which is connected to the new RME fireface UFX+, all audio paths run thru 3 patchbays.

in December was the iConnectivity mioXL installed, which offer 10USB hosts and up to 12 MIDI DIN i/o connections. (click to enlarge)


May 2019 news

Logan Solomans ( Jim Soloman and Jamie Logan) Project DAVID and ENIGMA - which are both great ARP2600 inspired synths are in build by me.

here few pictures of Davids  VCF and the Powersupply (and few modules).

contact me if you want build this device too or in case you want an assembled device.

March 2019 news

the winter season was again overloaded with a lot of projects.

I built some custom modules in MU and MOTM format - Triple Chorus in MU Format (still some available) and some Tau Pipe Phaser (available too)

, Haible Krautrock Phaser in a nice desktop case with 230V AC - i ordered today new cases and offer this for sale.

furthermore i designed few pcbs which are commercial available on

this tiny pcb helps to connect  MU and MOTM pcbs or to use 5u module pcbs in standalone cases.

and for my side job as free author:

amazona articles:

Test: Din Sync RE-303, die beste TB-303 ever! - AMAZONA.de

Test: MFB Tanzbär 2, Drummaschine - AMAZONA.de

the most important project is ENIGMA  - a new 2600 inspired synth, I'm involved as a consultant and helps to build prototypes etc.

link :  ENIGMA - the best 2600 in DIY

i have a lot of stuff for sale:

 many MOTM Modules, Jasper wasp clone - contact me in case you are looking for this.

November 2018 News

I designed with the help of Simon Cox a PCB to fix the hum problem of the THC SY-1 Syncussion, which also helps in the SY-1M in case you have a coil hiss.

A Syncussion Dust Cover is available too, this fits for the SY-1 THC Version and SY-1M Version.

Futhermore my Webshop is back, all new products are exclusively available there.

Summer SDIY news

Project summary:

whats happen:

Psycox (Simon) offer a syncussion clone, the SY-1M with Midi and improved partslist, less THT Transistors (instead of the THC SY-1), less hum/noise from powersupply

project link:

furthermore the first syncussion clone SY-1 is again available too for order from:

a new project is coming soon, the clone/replica of the Elektor Vocoder:

project documentation:

and a further new project: the Korg Minipops 7 clone,  MiniMP7 and MP7

copyright/IP info:   i´m not the resonsible person for the "products", its just an documentation about this projects.

New Projects in may 2018:

Syncussion SY-1M


DDRM updated

Server movement completed

this Website Server was moved on 03.May 2018 to a newer Server and the Webapplication was updated to the latest stable Version.


Dear DIY Friends,


due to private situations i closed my webshop on 23 April 2018.

If everything works well, i´m back with a DIY store at least in the year 2020.

The website is sponsored for one year by the best synthesizer case carpenter Ross Lamond

and another year by "The Black Company" known as Roman.F or from the DDRM Synthesizer .

(there are more details in a muffwiggler thread)

I´m still active with SDIY support here and plan to update this big website application server in next weeks.

In last month we worked hard (Jammie Logan (JMLS))on a new Arp4012 Filter in MOTM format

This module is avaiable in few weeks by JMLS.

Another Module was designed by VDD (a new german EE) and me, its a MOTM Module - 14channel (2x7 or 14channels) Active Splitter and 14channel buffered multiple (2x7ch or 14ch)

Its avaiable very soon on different resellers.

or drop me an email.


best regards





The new rev.5 Arp1601 Sequencer is available in my store:

sold out 04/2018


i updated the BOM and buildguide: Arp1601


first VDD Module on

VDD released his first  Eurorack Module, a DUAL SYMMETRIC Output Module on

It´s available as DIY KIT,  assembled Module,  DIY-PCB only Version.

more here: VDD 5002-01 DUAL SYMMETRIC OUTPUT Module

due to my side business closure, the pcb/panel /kit is only avaiable on request by email.


Onlineshop online


After 7 years in DIY I have now founded my own company, called:


At the moment is the Steffcorp 2600 VCO PCB and Panel available.


We work on Modules from a friend called "VDD" -   DIY kits, assembled Modules, both in Eurorack and 5U Format (MU and MOTM).

New Arp Synthesizer Clones and a new Syncussion clone from Germany are in the development and for sale here later too.


Matched and rare parts are available, I still work hard to fill the shop with more parts every day.

please contact me if you want sell your own PCBs/Panels/Modules in my shop.




Minimoog Clone guinguin

the french Minimoog Clone Project starts...

more here:

MME Minimoog Clone guinguin


TTSH rev.3 for sale

for sale is a new TTSH rev.3

a integrated  Gatebooster, Reverbtank, AR-mod for better Attack control,

all known issues fixed.


contact: Patrick at


Custom Arp1601 Sequencer clone


my both sequencer, feel free to ask if you´re interested in.

project link: Arp1601 clone documentation