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Projecttitel:  MME Minimoog Clone guinguin

Status: DONE

Startdate: 07 Aug.2017

Duedate: 23.08. 2017

Manufacture link:

Manufacture link:


rare Parts Kit (included with the pcb/panel ordering since 06/2018) or ask Julien

3x LM3046M  

3X 2N3954 (tested)

3x 2N4402 (tested)    

2x BF245  (tested)   

3x 1K Tempco

muffwiggler thread:

modified BOM: (my BOM list) 


check  for the original BOM:

I ordered from: TME, mouser, thonk and musikding

my mouser cart:

this cart is limited to my own usage for one device - you need to order standard parts like resistors from another source to save money.

for male/female headers use a different brand or headers with more pins in case they're out of stock.

order 10 resistors instead of 2 and you'll get the better price.






homestock parts20€

mouser trannys und 4402,bf24560€


not including all ic-sockets

Build Notice
  1. Don´t install the header as described at the beginning of the build - otherwise you run in trouble ( normally is the process: put the male and female header together, put it on one board and use spacers and screws to hold this in correct place/alignment,

then solder the male/female header. this is the only way to get a correct alignment of the pcbs and frontpanel.

2. solder the 4x TL1963 and lm2991 not to close together - or you risk a short between the solder points or regulators.

3. use matched transistor pairs as described in the buildguide, but from my pov. you cant match a 2N3904 and 2N3906 to the same value.

make sure you installed a jumper on JP10(2pins)  and JP19 (3pins) (bridge the second and third pin with a PC jumper)

(my analog board picture shows my build with one failure - near the 2N4402 are 56K instead of 56R in the picture)