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Welcome to the KIJIMI Documentation

"As Synthtopia reports, the Kijimi is inspired by the sound of the RSF Polykobol, a rare French polysynth from the late ’70s that was only available in very limited quantities. According to Instagram posts from Black Corporation, the synth will be available both pre-built and as a DIY kit."

source: http://www.factmag.com/2018/04/03/black-corporation-kijimi-synth/

Product Info:

the KIJIMI Synthesizer is a product of the Black Corparation located in Tokio.

It´s available in 2 different Version:

The DIY kit consists of 12 PCBs:

  • frontpanel board
  • motherboard
  • 8x voice cards
  • power supply board
  • connectors board

The motherboard has the MCU and DACs (digital to analogue converters used to control the analogue circuitry) preinstalled, the remaining parts you have to buy yourself from a local supplier. Some DIY shops will provide full parts kits.

Most of the remaining parts are thruhole, except for power filtering ceramic capacitors, which are large (0805 size), all same value (0.1uF) and located on the opposite side of the thruhole parts on the PCB.

The frontpanel and rack case will be supplied by DIY HUB.

Kijimi Article on Amazona.de - written by me:



Build guide

User Manual

moved to page: Manuals and Firmware

Powersuply Warning

don't mix the external PSU bricks or you destroy your Device.

The Kijimi use a 24V DC PSU

DDRM v1 DIY use a 12 DC PSU 

DDRM v2 DIY use a 12V DC PSU

Wooden Case (same as in DDRM project)

ask me if you want a wooden case  -walnut, oak .. whatever you want

please note, the case can ordered in different HE, order 5HE to include a effect device or expander (an expander isn´t confirmed yet)


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