Projecttitel: ENIGMA - the best 2600 in DIY

Status: 11/2018

Startdate: 11/2018

Duedate: 08/2019

Manufacture link: this page

Facebook group LOGAN SOLOMAN: Logan Soloman

Facebook group: (for alpha builders) Enigma ALPHA


Project Status

12.March 2019: Panel PCBs are nearly done - we plan to order the Panel PCB´s in the 12th week.

Potted Modules are by Jim to press the Mill-MAX Pins inside.

April: pcbs shipped to customers (potted pcbs)

May: first potted assembled by few users

known issues FAQ

please create an Account on my website, the FAQ/known Issues list isn't public !!!

only available for Alpha customers or builder !

Introducing Enigma.pdf


source facebook TTSH group from Jim Soloman:

With David going well, and the first raw sounds of the oscillators making their rounds we were asked to make a smaller version of the synth for DIY since David will be factory built after the ALPHA sets are gone (still a few available).

David (For those that don't know) is the Logan Soloman modular version of the classic semi-modular synth. It is large format modular with 11" panels. Some panels are as wide as 6.75". We took the original and made each section into a module. The Noise module is a dual noise module. The Sample and Hold is a dual module, Voltage Processor is a dual module, and Reverb (two tanks). The envelope has Loads of extra features on it. You can build the synth like the original, or with many voices. There are a few David Alpha builders that are making 3 voice synths. With David we will have more modules from the famed monosynth, string synths, big daddy modular, etc. etc. including chorus, oscillators, filters, resonators and more. David will also have a special mixer, phaser, EQ, vocoder, utility VCAs, etc. It can be normalled like the original synth but has a TON more CV control, features per module, etc.

So now we are introducing Enigma - a synthesizer that has the same size as the TTSH. Enigma will be DIY and factory built as well. It is not nearly as feature rich as David, but it has more features than the TTSH. It will have 3 VCO2 oscillators, gate booster (New Design-works with the 3620 keyboard)), rolling sync on all oscillators, added multiples. But most of all it will have the correct circuits from the original machine and none of the errors of the TTSH. We already have confirmed listening tests with our oscillators and filter and have been told by others that the TTSH doesn't sound like ours. 

We have also corrected the panel graphics and cutout of the TTSH to make it uniform, we have adjusted the speaker cutouts for better sound, we will have proper cages for the speakers and there will be no gap between the speaker and the front panel to reduce any vibration.

We are making most of the modules dual footprints so it will be easy to manufacture and keep the price point aggressive for the manufactured version. I'm not sure if we can get Behringer aggressive but it will be pretty damn close.

Through Patrick Dslman's suggestion we are opening up 30 ALPHA spots for Enigma before the DIY version goes on sale to the general public. We are making Patrick a moderator and in charge of the FB Build Group and (If he chooses) a Muffs build group.

When it goes on sale to the public Enigma will more than likely be a complete kit - PCBs, Components, Sliders, Jacks, Reverb, Speakers, Case, Panel, etc. So no hassling with searching for the right speakers, reverb tank, etc. etc. For Alpha you will have to source your own sliders, jacks, components. We will offer speakers, case, panel, PCBS, reverb tanks.

We were inspired by the first versions of this synth and love that look - but we have designed it so you can take the handle off if you don't like it.

We have made the jack footprints dual footprints as well because we have developed a new jack for this. The new jack accepts 3.5mm plugs or Switchcraft 142a plugs. With the duals you will be able to use the Thonk style jack or our new jack. The new jacks won't be ready for a month or two, so ALPHA folks won't be able to put them in their synths. They should be ready for DIY kits though.

Enigma will have the same sub modules as David. So the sub modules can be used in the original ARP company's machines as replacements. We highly recommend you build the sub modules with the same components as we recommended with David. But obviously you can choose whatever you want.

Enigma will not be 1 PCB like the TTSH. It will be 5 Motherboard PCBs like the original. For Motherboard 5 we have made a few more daughter boards for ease of construction and optimizing space.

Phase I will consist of most of the sub modules. Phase II will consist of the PSU PCB, panel PCBs, and the extra daughter board PCBs for Board 5. Phase III will be the panel and case.

We have also developed a matched pair PCB that we believe can alleviate the matching process for folks with no matching experience when this goes on sale to the public. That needs to be tested, so Alpha folks you will need to match transistors. 

We are using 17" Reverb tank that will be part of the kit. We have sourced the Speakers as well that will be available to ALPHA.

We are staying away from any "classic" color schemes so the front panel will be anodized Orange - I think we are still working out the graphics colors. We just want to stand out, be different, and not be confused with any previous designs or future designs that may come out.

Again, this will not compare to what David is capable of - David is a whole other animal that runs circles around this. 
Since David is factory built only and might be out of reach for many people and since there is still demand for a DIY machine, we are offering a little brother to David for the DIY community and lower priced manufactured synths.

Schematics are out of the the service manual.

I will be ordering the Phase I PCBs this week, so shipping is about 2 weeks. I will reply to this post with pricing shortly.

We will take the first 30 people interested that PM. This is being announced across a couple of groups. 

Conatct me if you want be a part of the alpha group


Enigma Features

DIY version!!

Factory built version by Polyfusion

Fully tested, checked, and correct before official release

Quality metal work – minimum 2mm thick, bent formed like the original synthesizer for added rigidity (No one wants a panel that flexes when pushing on it)

Uses all original sub modules so sound is vintage/accurate/identical to the original and POWERFUL

Easier to repair because Enigma uses separate PCBs

No hacking Enigma to have different colored LEDs.  Easy to change colors because we have designed that into the synthesizer

Has separate PSU for LEDs that does the relays and the power switch

Only low voltage at the panel

**Blue Marvin sound dialed in

Slider knobs

Analog ground is isolated from noise ground

Enigma doesn’t have any bleed problems

Uses  Switchcraft 142AX jacks

Jacks are insulated from the panel

Expansion outs on the back for MIDI I/O, and XLR Outs with Sowter transformer

Logan Soloman has listened to people’s requests and incorporated them where it made sense and was reasonable

Enigma is expandable with a separate 5U case with VCO, VCF Blocks, Vocoder based on 2600 circuits, Sequencer


All oscillators are VCO2 (Each VCO has 4027 sub module & 4018 Waveshaper sub module)

All Oscillators have rolling sync.  You can sync any waveform to any other waveform on any VCO

Phase Lock function to phase lock ALL VCOs for bigger sound


2 Active VC Filters with there own outputs - Can use both 4012-2 and 4072-2 filters at once

Passive 12db High Pass Filter that can be switched in or out of the signal path

Low Pass Filters have Overdrive, CV resonance, their own tuning and CV inputs

Link function for creating a 48 db filter or separate input for twin peaks filtering

Envelope Generator

Time changes for envelopes (.5X, 1X, 10X)

Inverted Envelopes

Cinch Jones keyboard connector has gate trig and CV summing


Dual reverb tanks for true stereo reverb

Sample & Hold

CV Sample & Hold 

CV pitch of the Sample & Hold clock


CV volume of the noise

Ring Mod

Ring Modulator with 2 Sin waves

Other Features

2 sets of active multiples

Front panel master CV input

CV slew