Projecttitel:MOTM 300 VCO

Status:STATUS  finished

Startdate: 28.11.2013

Duedate: 01.02.2013 update 2019

Manufacture link:

2019 Build:


BOM, Guides


MOTM300 User's Guide.pdf

Parts ordered:

PCB, Panel, bracket, pots, from bridechamber

OP285  - from ebay

1x LF3954      feel free to ask me (have few on stock)

MAT02EH  - feel free to ask me - otherwise ebay

1x 4n7 Styroflex - some europe shops list this capaciator

2N4403 - from a german shop - feel free to ask me for sale

i recommend usage of IC Sockets (precision sockets each arround 0,30€)

keep Attention on the 0,1% resistors with low ppm (around 20ppm instead of 50ppm for normal metal film resistors)

1ea 150K 0.1% (marked 1503B) R4   mouser: 66-RC55LF-D-150K

1ea 100K 0.1% (marked 1003B) R45   mouser: 66-RC55LF-D-100K

652-4116R-1LF-10K   DIP 10K resistor

5x 100k linear pot (spectrol, vishay, bitech)

1x 100k linear bourns (blue)


i use the fine tune Mod from Bill & Will:

I used in my builds 1,5Mohm for R50

and 270K for the mod above R13 ( cut the trace as shown in my picture and plave the 270K resistor in the vias.

Calibration described in the Userguide:

MOTM300 User's Guide.pdf