Projecttitel: David

Status: IN PROGRESS Alpha test started in September 2018

Startdate: 09/2018

Duedate: 06/2019

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Projectstatus Info

12.March: Potted Modules done, Panel PCBs are ordered

first VCOs tested by users successfully

1.May Powersupply tested, works perfect - 22mV ripple only under load (500mA load on one header)

The first official product is called “David”

David is a DIY project and inspired on the Arp2600, its not a clone or replica - its more and better than a TTSH (single modules with more functions and better circuits)

With this modules you´re able to create your own 2600 inspired synth.

Introducing DAVID-1.pdf

Offial Project Information from Jim Soloman about the "Alpha Phase"

Offial Project Information from Jim Soloman

There's a lot in here so please read all the way to the end!

It looks like we will have our PCBs for Knobcon. The only potential snag would be a shipping delay which is out of our hands - but as of right now, it looks like all systems go!

(If the PCBs don't make it, then obviously shipping and handling will be added for all to these prices)

****Alpha Set (12 PCBs): $330

includes: (1) VCO1 Panel PCB, (1) 4027-2, (1) 4012-2, (1) 4014-2, (1) 4015-2, (1) 4019-2, (1) 4020-2, (1) 4022-2, (1) 4023-2, (1) 4034-2, (1) 4035-2 (1) 4072.
Single Submodules

4012-2: $27 4014-2: $27
4015-2: $27 4019-2: $27
4020-2: $28 4022-2: $27
4023-2: $27 4027-2: $27 (ONLY 40 available)
4034-2: $27 4035-2: $27
4072-2: $28

CA3094 ROBOT chip: $6 2040 DISCRETE chip: $11
700 CELL: $11 ua727: $9

Emma Logan (Jammie) will describe what these are in comments below.

Now for the fine print : )

****For the single versions of the modular synth - we are opening up an alpha phase for a limited number of people similar to what DinSync did for the RE-303 in celebration of Knobcon. We want to test this out, and if it goes well we will probably experiment with it more as we bring out our backlog of projects.

This is not for noobs. There may be tweaking of components on the panel PCBs, etc. So we would like experienced DIYers in case the BOM happens to change a bit. BOMs and build docs will be available after Knobcon, along with where we bought our parts for our prototypes. We ask that you use our chosen components to achieve the best results.

We ask that the alpha phase folks see this all the way through - meaning, don't buy this first set and then not follow through with the rest of the panel PCBs, Panels, Boat, and submodule PCBs as they become available - it will screw the other folks who signed up. All of the remaining modules will be ordered very shortly after Knobcon.

Alpha users will be getting a finished synth sooner than everyone else. It won't be available for others until later this year. There will be some bonuses along the way for these limited number of folks who sign on for alpha. First bonus will be a chip of your choosing (CA3094, 2040, discrete OTA, Jup4 Cell, 700 Cell, ua727). The rest of the bonuses will come when we order the next round of Panel PCBs.

We are releasing a limited amount NOW (pre-knobcon) to our group (no other groups) for those that can't make it to Knobcon. The rest of the sets at Knobcon will be first come, first served. If there are any left over after Knobcon, we will announce here in case you missed out on the limited supply offered now.

Outside of alpha we have 50 each of the submodules available except where noted. It's the same as above, we will release a few for our group now for those that can't make it to Knobcon and offer the rest at Knobcon. They can be used in your own designs - they just need +/- 15 or they can be used in original machines.

**Note, Mill-Max pins will be supplied with ALL of the above "singles" PCBs which is included in the price, unfortunately our arbor press won't get here in time, so we can't attach them to the PCBs, you can either solder them, or get a small tool and then attach, then solder. (The chips don't have the pins included)

**The panel PCBs and submodules are all 4 layers and have screens so they are nicer than what's available out there. The Mill-Max pin system will be very professional and will help prevent damaging PCBs when you remove submodules. On our panel PCBs and submodules most components will go on the back for easy servicing later on down the road. Jammie has serviced a lot of these so he wanted to make them easier to work on.

We will email a cad file for free for alpha folks and the first few submodule purchasers so you can print a case so you can fill it with silicone, etc. Our submodules work with original machines, the orientation just needs to be flipped. You will also need longer pins than the pins supplied with the module for an original machine.

If you choose Paypal, then add the fee in your payment or pay friends and family.

Email if you want to be a part of the alpha ride NOW and we will email you back with details and payment info.

We will take the first folks that email and close it down when we reached the limit until Knobcon2018. I'll post when we are out of sets. Shipping will be collected after Knobcon2018.

You can also email if you are interested in sub modules only (no panel PCBs).


09/2018  We have room for a few more Alpha builders right now. Alpha because we may change a few resistor values, etc.
But everything will fit first time around since we are doing it all in CAD, the PCBs to the Panel and the Panels to the Case.