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The documentation of the great TTSH project

(new website structure since 07 March 2017)

due to changes in my webhosting (rootserver) costs for RAM/Backup and my worktime in Adminstration of the Server & Web Application Server it would be very helpful to use my paypal gift function, thank you.


I closed my public TTSH Support Pages, if you want access send me an page-request or Email.

These project documentations and services are non commercial !

please respect the copy rights. thx

most important direct links:

TTSH Release rev.1

TTSH Release rev.2

TTSH Release rev.3


TTSH Rare Partkit, Survival Kit

TTSH release plan (rev.1, rev.2, rev.3 →  pcb version is different  rev.1 = 6.x rev.2 = 7.2, rev.3 = 8.x)

Nov2014DecJan2015FebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJan2016FebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecnew rev.3 (v8.x)rev.2 last salerev.2 starts 5.Jan2016first ttsh released
TTSH rev.1

rev.1 (6.x) first release

rev.2 (pcb 7.2) 2 sales

rev.3 Release


  1. Do you plan to launch a new batch of kit ?

    Thank you


    1. yes, please wait.

      we offer a new ARP2600 inspired synth with the dimension of the TTSH in 2019 

  2. Do you already know an exact date or month, when you release the new TTSH this year?

  3. Hi, 

    I would like a login please! what is the process...

    I can't find an email address or know what a page request is thank you! 

  4. I get automatically an email after a successful registration of an new account,

    each page request on restricted pages too.

    Users receive an email from me when I have given the page permissions.

    all TTSH pages are restricted within a group-permission, which means users gets access on all ttsh pages.