Projecttitel: USB MIDI Interface

Status: DONE

Startdate: 04/2020

Duedate: 06/2020

Manufacture link:


5x MIDI IN and5x MIDI Out with USB2.0

The Software/Firmware is from ploytec and used in many commercial products.

PCB and Preprogrammed chip is available from me (until all pcbs are gone) on



(Screws, spacers, LEDs and LED holder are not in the BOM)

Addional parts which are not in the above BOM:

When you want the plastic/ABS case, order this 3 parts from

Case:  G17081UBK Gehäuse:standardmäßig 19";1U;schwarz;Mat.Geh:ABS;Y:203mm

USB adapter:

CP30111 Adapter;USB A Buchse-Hinterteil,USB B Buchse-Vorderteil;FT ROHS Hersteller: CLIFF 

USB cable for inside: 

CAB-USBAB/0.19 Kabel;USB 2.0;USB A-Stecker,USB


  1. Hello Patrick,

    a couple of questions:

    • where can one buy this?
    • how do you upload the firmware to the atmega?
    • where can you find the firmware?
    • where can you find or buy the case?



    1. Hi Greg.
      The preprogrammed mikrocontroller comes with the PCB.
      The firmware is absolutely stable and there’s no update needed.
      You can send me an email to order an pcb plus mikrocontroller.
      The case is from tme and costs around 15€ netto.