LXR Drumsynthesizer

STATUS  : finished

Startdate: 01.06.2013

Duedate: 2013 - update Metalcase 2014

Manufacture link: http://sonic-potions.com/

Sonic Potions DIY Drumsynthesizer : LXR

if you need a assembled device, feel free to Contact me. - have one for sale (see pics)

from the first batch in Q2/2013 i have builded 2 devices.

from second batch in Q3/2012  i have builded 3devices.

The last one have a custom case - to setup own wood sidepanels.

Rearpanel is modified to get a powerswitch and other powerjack.

Nice to know:

Please use a 2gb transcend sd card if you get sd card init error. 

Not working by me with Firmware 0.23 is a Panasonic 8gb sdhc card and 16gb sdhc.

modifications - see here

first picture shows my Metalcase Version with triggerboard, many thanks to erica synths for the great metalcase design

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