update march 2017

update Jun 2017

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update the Firmware v1.023 (30 May 2017)


Release Notes:   (You should replace C89 (BD-Section) and C163 (Snare Section) by 10nF filmcap (Build manual and Mouser BOM updated)

HH Bug

MIDI SYNC ISSUE (only if happen)

-Sync test in slave mode with a TR505 and with Ableton and Midi interface.

Sync with hardware is perfect but Nava loose some clock signal when sync with a software thru a Midi interface.

Replace R365 value by 1K and R314 value by 4K7 to increase Midi signal should solve this issue

only for rev.1.00 pcb: (not for 1.01, 1.02)

Issues: (respect the change for C89 and C163 too (to 10nF)

Afaik the first pcb (v1.0 ) has 3 bugs, all of them are highlighted in red in the build guide and are easy to fix.



Q43, Q46, Q49  Mixed Collectors and Emitters

This is a mistake. When we designed Nava SD PCBs, we placed this transistor to act like switches to generate SD envelopes. We had some sound test and it was okay for us but this transistors should act like amplifier.

To solve this issue you need to bend transistors pin 1 and 2 to swap their position in the pad.


To bypass the muting circuit simply omit both transistors Q82 and Q83 and you don't need all part from the muting circuit (C142, C143, D193, D194, D195, R468, R469, R470, R471, R472)

open: check in BD C8 for closer BD Decay (the Nava Decay is bigger as the original)

modify C153/ C154 to 10uF  check:   &

my version was build with addon second Noise source for fixing the loudness balance with snare and handclap


Bill of Materials from S_H Board v1.00.sch, 16 parts, grouped by values, as of 26/09/2017 10:33:34

C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8470pC-EUC0805C0805CAPACITOR, European symbol8
C9, C10100nC-EUC0805C0805CAPACITOR, European symbol2
IC24051D4051DSO168-channel ANALOG MULTIPLEXER1
J1, J2

Power connection with MTA156


Nava_v1.0 silkscreen.rar (brd File)