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Projecttitel:Oakleysound SRE330

Status: DONE

Startdate: 07/2020

Duedate: 10/2020

Manufacture link:

Please read my review for

Build Guide:


User Guide


Blue Panel with white silk


Gold Panel with black silk



use 1.5mm as overlay or change it and order a sticker with just the print


Dont miss to install a plate for the voltage regulators of the RPSU, I used my own plates - which is much cheaper.


order the parts from TME - as much you can to safe some money. offer the Case and PSU (Yamaha PA-20)

The total costs for the Build is for the hardware around 500euro but its absolutely okay, the SRE-330 is wonderful.

Use metric screws for the Case - at the bottom side panels or the included screws touch the pcb


use nylon screws for the isolation of the regulators if you have trouble with the isolation

you can also use a cooler: SK08/37.3/SA.  (TME part number) - you have to drill 2 holes and make metric threads


the SRE-330 was built in different versions - different case, color, Panel quality: