This parts are not from my business (founded 08/2017)

parts left from groupbuys and homestock- private sale

this ist still valid in 2019/2010 and available for Rev.1- Rev.4

You find the most parts in my shop too:

Here are some parts for sale from my privat home stock and left from last goupbuy as private/non commercial sale.

as groupbuy sale like §§ 421 und 427 BGB

Its possible to order single parts/individual parts /kits.

Please contact me if you want a survival or part kit.

all Tranistors are tested with a Microcontroller based Transistortester


Description PartAmmount
2N3906 matched pair x 5 (+2 for rev.3 rev.4 TTSH for free)5+2 matched pairs
2N3904 matched pair x 99 matched pairs
2N4870  rare1x
2N3954 - ultrarare1x
2N3958 - ultrarare 2x
2N4125 - rare3x
2N5459 - rare6x
CA3046 - for VCO   rare3x
matched 2N5087 for the 4072 Filter (only for rev.3 and 4)4 matched pairs
Tempco 1.87k4x for rev1+2 or 5x for rev3/rev4
LM301 old stock 32x

included test of all rare transistors !

included is a lot of help with my support pages and Email communication

plus shipping 7€ worldwide with tracking

if you need only matched transistors (1mV matched)

9 pair 2n3904 and 7x 2n3906   = 30€ plus shipping 6,80€ worldwide with tracking.

if you need only the  2N5087 matched pairs  = 10€ plus 3€ shipping worldwide

Survival kit:

Description PartAmmountinfo
2N5087 matched pair x11 pairnew listing
2N3906 matched pair x 22 matched pairs
2N3904 matched pair x 33 matched pairs
2N4870  rare1x
2N3954 - ultrarare1x
2N3958 - ultrarare1x
2N4125 rare1x
2N5459 - rare2x
Tempco*1 3300ppm or 3500ppm1x
CA3046 - for VCO   rare1x



1x TDA20230 and BD236/BD237 for rev.1

MJE172/MJE182 for rev.2+3 -

please tell me which TTSH version you have

1 of each version
Fader 100K lin2x
Fader 100K log2x
Fader 1M log1x
3,5mm jacks5x


optional minus jacks or other parts you dont need..

*² Tempco:

3300ppm or 3500ppm makes no difference  (needed is in theory around 3350ppm)

in last time most modular modules/synths are build with SMD 3000/3300ppm tempcos and works stable.

Reference here: -> german

my 4 Transistor tester to match and test Transistors in different way.

the 6,5 digit Keithley2015 isn´t shown here.

please note: dont use the cheap chinese transistor tester for matching, they drift with each measurement with more than 5mV.