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Projecttitel: cgs22 Master Divider in MOTM


Startdate: 15.01.2014

Duedate: 17.01.2014

Manufacture link:

i´ve finished a cgs22 Masterdivider in Rev.2.2 with a bridechamber MOTM Panel.



you can replace the BC547 with equl. parts like bc548..

ground all jacks and LED´s together.

by using standard green/red LED´s you can use the default resistor values, clear lense leds needs higher values but seems to be a Lightshow.. (not needed for a MOTM cabinet)

RA = 1k8

RB = 1k

RL = 2k2



1DDiv by 2 Phase 1
2ADiv by 2 Phase 2
1BDiv by 2 Phase 3
2CDiv by 2 Phase 4
2DDiv by 4 Phase 1
3ADiv by 4 Phase 2
2BDiv by 4 Phase 3
3CDiv by 4 Phase 4
3DDiv by 8 Phase 1
4ADiv by 8 Phase 2
3BDiv by 8 Phase 3
4CDiv by 8 Phase 4
4DDiv by 16 Phase 1
1ADiv by 16 Phase 2
4BDiv by 16 Phase 3
1CDiv by 16 Phase 4