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Projecttitel: Triple LPG in MU Format

Status: finished

Startdate: 04/2020

Duedate: 05/2020

Manufacture link:

Panel and PCBs from Synthcube:

Muffwiggler Thread:

Important part:

3x 3P3T Switch: mouser: 612-1003P3T1BM1QEH

Important INFO: the Jack Hole Audio Out must be changed (drilling) to the panel border side otherwise the switch and jack are too close and will not fit in a correct alignment.


normally you don't need the TL074 and the resistors around.. look in the schematics - its only for the CV and Audio "Mixer" - which isn't needed here.

Lopass Gate Parts List.pdf


the following wiring do not match with the schematics ( I didn't used this wiring !!) please look in the schematic as described 



(the wiring was used by me for the Triple LPG - but you must turn the switch 180degrees that it match with the panel silkscreen)



I used 10KA Potentiometers for the bottom mixer, I just connected from each LPG output (output jack) the signal to the bottom mixer poti, an 1K pullup resistor on the wiper

Take care on the Jumpers (routing with or without CV/Audio Mixer)

in my configuration I used  the direct way - without the mixers.