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Projecttitel: MPS Thomas Henry Mega Percussive Synth


Startdate: 02/2018

Duedate: 11/2018

Manufacture link:

I started the MOTM MPS build in 2018.

The panel is from Synthcube,  i got the assembled pcbs from a friend.

Power Consumption:

15V: 40mA

-15V: 30mA

Please use this Wiring sheet:

connect the "Noise" of J14 pin 8 to the "Noise Return Tip pin", its not shown in the above picture.

the LED pin out is maybe wrong, there are different wiring guides..

correct is Pin3 is + (the long pin from the led (wink))

the above wiring guid is correct, my MPS is working.

a further wiring guide (not used in my build)


Panel layout: