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Projecttitel: Tau Pipe  Random Source Version


Startdate: 04/2015


Manufacture link:  (Randomsource)


Here are some Infos about the Randomsource Version from 2015

i finished this Version in MOTM Format with THAT300p  IC´s and it sounds great.

for BOM and more Infos please check and take a look at the original BOM on my "old" Version page: Juergen Haible Tau Pipe Phaser



lessons learned:

issue:  pitch and CV input dosn't work,

make sure the CV input jack is wired with 3 cables - use the jack switch, otherwise the connection between Pitch and OSC  dosn't work.

(i dont used the CV Mixer)


the PCB quality of the new randomsource version isn't good as the original Version from Juergen.H


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