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Projecttitel: synthtech MOTM 490 Filter


Startdate: 20.06.2014

Duedate: July 2014

Manufacture link:

The classic tone of the '70s, the low pass ladder filter defined "the synthesizer sound". The MOTM-490 captures all of the subtle characteristics of the original; growling bass, searing leads and overdrive. Can be used as a VCO above A440. Filters any external audio signal.


  • Classic 24dB/Oct LPF Ladder Filter
  • Based on the Moog 904A modular sound
  • Three Audio Inputs
  • Distinctive Overdrive Sound
  • Can Self-Resonate (Sine Out)
  • Low Power Operation
  • MicroModule Series; 5U high x 1U wide





BOM with userguide/builderguide

MOTM490 User's Guide.pdf



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