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Projecttitel: CP3 Mixer - Quad CP3 Mixer in MOTM


Startdate: October 2014

Duedate: December 2014

Manufacture link: --

Here comes a Quad CP3 Mixer with 16 Mixer Channels in MOTM Format.


Pcb design from Manhatten analog, designed for Eurorack for 12V and 15V

Pcbs :  Fullkit from synthcube

Panel: custom Panel, ordered by Schaeffer

FPD  File:   quad_cp3_october.fpd


BOM/building guide:

[2] 100R
[1] 200R
[1] 240R
[2] 560R
[1] 6.8k
[2] 15k
[3] 22k
[1] 47k

[2] 10/22/47uF electrolytic   (i used for power 22uF, for others 10uF)
[2] 0.1uF ceramic
[1] 3.3nF poly
[1] 10uF electrolytic
[1] 10uF electro; optional for +12V regulator

[3] 10-50k audio, 9mm Alpha or similar
[1] 25-50k linear, 9mm Alpha or similar
[1] 2k multiturn trim
[1] 100R multiturn trim

[1] LM78L12; optional for +/-15V supplies ONLY
[1] LM337LZ - be sure to get the one in the TO-92 package
[2] 2N3904 (or similar NPN) - Matched pair
[2] 2N3906 (or similar PNP) - Matched pair

[1] 10-pin .100 header, male (Euro power) OR 4-pin MTA-156 header (MOTM power)
[2] Ferrite bead (can substitute 10R resistor)
[2] PTC resettable fuse (.050 hold, .100 trip) - can replace with wire link
[2] 1N4001 diode
[4] 3.5mm jack, 16PJ138 or Erthenvar/Thonk style
[4] Davies 1900H-style knob, or any other ~12.5mm-diameter knobs you prefer.

1) For use with +/-12V supplies, jumper pins 1 and 3 of the 78L12 and omit the adjacent cap.
2) Adjust the 2k trimpot until the output of the LM337 is -6.0V.
3) Adjust the 100R trimpot until the output has no DC offset.


Building note:  for 15V use a additional LM337