This Modification helps to syncronize the first step1 to an external source.
when you try to sync from an external source the step2 is in sync with step1 from external.
This Mod fix this issue, for original 1601 and clones

Available here:

assembled Version:




1100k resistorstandard 1/4W

3100nFX7R THT capacitor

1MTA 3pole headerMTA100 sizeTE-connectivity or just jumper it with a resistor leg
110-12mm spacerMale-male or Female-male M3

116pins needed - double pin row for IC sockets TECHMCT-2-36-1-G)
214pin ic socketTHT

116pin IC socket

1PC jumper


start with the bottom and the double contacts:

you can hold the double contact pin stripe by using an IC socket

Solder flat as shown:

Then install the remaining parts..

Thats how it fits in the 1601 clone : (don't forget to install the jumper !! !!!!)