Projecttitel:Steffcorp ARP2600 VCO MK2

Status: DONE

Startdate: 25 August 2017

Duedate: --

Manufacture link:


The Steffcorp 2600 VCO is an analogue oscillator with full voltage control based on the 4027-1

’VCO-2’ oscillator used in the ARP 2600.

It’s not just a copy however, we have gone to great lengths to bring it into the 21th century.

A much needed precision reference voltage was added, as well as buffers and a few other goodies.

Going SMT offered the means of improving the PCB-layout even further, as well as a selection

Of easy-to-source parts.

No more treasure hunts and extravaganza prices.

On top of this, a good bit of time was spent on analyzing and comparing modern parts to find the best matches of the original part specifications.


PCB/Panel order:

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Operation Manual








or as Excel list:



a rare part kit is availble here: (Tempco, LM3046M)











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