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Important Information before you start assembling:

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113. Aug.2022Hardware BoardINFO

minimize Slider/Potentiometer malfunctions

Soldering Info

when you install the sliders, DO NOT solder all pins successively, 

solder only one pin at the top and the bottom and proceed to the next slider, when you have installed all of them -  solder the next single pin of each slider.

this has to be respected with potentiometers too.

The Sliders and Potentiometers have lubrication inside which is sensitive to heat and can be easily damaged (this mistake was made in  many Syncussion clones ) 

213. Aug.2022Hardware BoardINFO

OLED Selection and R101/R32 - R100/R102

Image Modified

when you have an OLED with the PINOUT: VCC-GND-SCL-SDA install R100 and R102 (0 Ohm - a bridge) (R32/R101 must be left empty)

in case you have an OLED with the PINOUT: GND-VCC-SCL-SDA install R101 and R32 (0 Ohm -a bridge)

313. Aug. 2022All pcbsINFOsome IC Sockets do not point in the same direction as the others, it´s a known issue that people install ICs backwards Double and triple check every IC orientation -  maybe 80% of all device malfunctions happen because of that and often end in very expensive repairs
413. Aug.2022Hardware Board, PSU, MainboardINFOthe LEDs do not work

when you build the device - its important to start with the power supply - here you can test the LED orientation.

never trust the vendor pinout for LEDs. normally the long LED leg is the positive end (anode)

(but some circuits are powered from negative rails and GND is the positive end in this case- just as an explanation)

513. Aug. 2022MainboardINFO

solder the pins on the Edgecard holder where you find the white stripe on the PCB - 

Image Modified

you can't install the edge cards in the wrong way
614.Aug.2022MainboardINFOkeep the length of the power cable as short as possible - that minimizes the risk that you accidentally put the PSU card in a voice card slot

714.Aug.2022Hardware BoardINFOpay attention to "Pot23 - Volume" (upper right corner) this is the one non-center detent pot.


BOM1.0 Change- fixed in BOM v1.0.1

R103, R104, R105 = 330K (was 30k in BOM rev 1.0.0)

R128, R143 = 10K (was 30k in BOM rev1.0.0)

R137, R146 = 10K.  (was 20k in BOM rev1.0.0)

Image ModifiedImage Modified

fixed on 24.Sep.2022 in BOM 1.0.1
903.Oct.2022PartsINFOthe 2N3094 on the Voicecards must be a matched pair (within 2mV vbe)

A. if you are a pro builder.. you still have a device to match trannys.

B. you can order or build a tester

C. you order matched pairs by me or thonk

1018 April 2023PSU BUGR8 220R on the PSU goes very hot - it affect the lifetime of this part

workaround: change to 2Watt 220R 1% resistor metalfilm

or try 470R 0,6watt 1% metalfilm

a solution or other workaround is in test (TL431 source from the 5V regulator instead from 15v)

PCB Scan Pictures (thanks Janne.I)