Successful Build : 04/2019 

it adds an envelope controllable Ring Modulator, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, and Reverb effects. It is designed to work seamlessly with Deckard’s Dream, but it also works as a standalone audio effects device.

Schematics: for rev.1.0


DD-EXP-BOM-REV1.0.1.pdf latest version for rev.1.0 and YOU MUST ADD 2x TL071 and 1x 4.7uF MLCC capacitor RM5
DD-EXP-BOM-REV1.0.0.xlsx (Old version) for rev.1.0


the new PCB Version is 1.1 !! (midi noise fixed)

it use following changes which affect the above BOM, you have to respect this:

IC33 and IC37 is TL071 (DIP8)

C166 not in BOM 4.7uF ceramic (MLCC) RM5

DDRM Expander VC Placement Guide V2 from Kevin Looney:

DDRM Expander VC Placement Guide V2.pdf

DDRM FAQ and Build tipps from Todd

Deckard’s Dream Expander FAQ and Build Guide V1-7.docx

MIDI-NOISE FIX pictures:

only for DIY PCB Version 1.0

is fixed in DIY PCB Version 1.1

If you want a fix of your factory assembled Version, contact me 

Click expand for Pictures from rev1.0 pcb Modification FIX

Power LED Installation:

remove the 12V LED from the Card PCB and drill a 4,5mm hole in the frontpanel - which is the standard size for 3mm LED-holders (available in most electronic shops)

psu DC-DC alternative part: 

DKMW30F-12 meanwell (approval (tick) - tested (tick))

The DSP chip, potentiometer, AS3310, As3340 from Musikding too (tick) confirmed

Case:  169 USD

First Design Concept: