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LM393D should be 511-LM393ADT

alpha 9mm not in card available from UK-elektronik
2x C1M
1x C50K


IDdateissuesolutionfixed in production version


ribbon cable

its cheaper 15cm is fine

NEVER use Floppy disk cables - this are not 1:1 pin assigned

2INFOic pin out

DAC and LDO is upside down, all other pin1 top-left

or check dadatsheet


C95A is C15A1

C95B is C15B1 on pcbs

426.1bom change (last version is A)

R210 was 1k5 now 1k (SMT led resistor)

C95a1 and C95b1 changed to: C95A and C95B

 added one dip8 socket to bom


install S7 at the end of the build - for prototype version only !!!

606.02-2021check that no traces are under the slide switch tabs, and check for traces under the potentiometer tabs.bend or cut them. ( Janne agreed that he change the pcb - production run don't have traces under the switch tabs and pot tabs) unknown