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Comment: Tipps added


Its an replica - not just another clone

Schematics and Service Notes:


BOM: (last upload 08/2021)


1WiringYou can use the MTA100 system from TE connectivity for example - 
2noisy/hissmake sure to solder the potentiometer at all pins to have the correct ground - (the ground flow thru the outside pins / it act like a trace/bridge) 

measure the transistor HFE value for the switchboard Q604 - a gain of 350 should be fine.

otherwise it can happen that MIDI OUT doesn't work.

you can also mod the MIDI Out :


select the * S* Transistors to the same HFE to get a balanced gain on all voices.

check the schematics for more details:

q12 in Bassdrum

q51 in snaredrum

q20 in Low Tom

q27 in Mid Tom

q58 in High Tom

Q71 in Crash

Q85 in HH

Q65 in Rimshot

Q37 in Handclap

Q33 Tom Noise - should be ignored or just use the same hfe as above