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(just boot the DDRM in USB Mode and drop the above bin file in the USB drive and reboot the DDRM, works on Windows and OSX)

DDRM MK1 + MK2 (not DIY versions !)

DDRM MK1+MK2 Update Pack

Release Notes


    Deckard’s Dream Release Notes
Deckard’s Dream 1.4.0
New Features and Improvements:
10 available user banks upgraded from 3.
Panel Mode (PNL) can be entered by pressing
FACTORY presets are now editable and may be saved
over. (This includes TIME settings).
UP/DOWN buttons can now be pressed and held to dial
in values of parameters, for example, those in the
TIME menu.
Added LFO RETRIG in TIME menu.
Added behavior options for incoming CC messages
Improvements in Microtuning functionality. Ability
to upload scala (.scl) files as well as user
programmable scales. Tuning programs are
automatically saved to the first empty slot with
names. Deckard’s Dream can store 10 Microtuning
programs. More information about scala and
Microtuning and a plethora of tunings programs can
be found here:
Unit stays in PNL or PRESET Mode after power cycle.
Added Legato settings in MONOPHONIC voice mode.
Pressing BACK in the SETTINGS menu takes the user
back to the previous line in the MENU instead of
the top of the menu.


Fixed a bug where PWM 2 speed was affected by PWM 1
when PWM MODE was set to SEPARATE.
MPE and Poly Aftertouch modes have been greatly
Aftertouch response in MPE mode for BRILLIANCE and
LEVEL fixed.
Display in the time menu for ATTACK TIME and DEC/
REL time now shows seconds instead of Hz.
Unit stays in (PANEL or PRESET) state when powered
off and back on.
Fixed a glitch with VCF envelope which occasionally
stayed open when it should have closed.
Fixed a bug in GLISSANDO in which it did not work
properly with extreme high or low notes.
Modulation control now correctly affects FEET I and
Cards per voice is no longer an option in UNISON
(all cards are used per voice by definition).
CC chart has been updated.
General bug fixes and interface improvements.

It is strongly recommended to update the boot loader of your Deckards Dream if you have access to a Windows computer and an ST-LINK device.

Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.
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