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copy from wiseguy synth:



Here are a variety of miscellaneous MOTM-style parts that I use.


Ferrite BeadsSupplierPart Number
Short ferrite beadsMouser623-2743001112LF
Long ferrite beadsMouser623-2743002112LF

22 µF 35V low leakage electrolytic capacitorMouser647-UKL1V220KEDANA
10 µF 35V low leakage electrolytic capacitorMouser647-UKL1V100MDDANA
0.1 µF ceramic decoupling capacitorMouser147-72-104-RC
DIP Sockets  

8 pin DIPMouser517-4808-3000-CP
14 pin DIPMouser517-4814-3000-CP
16 pin DIPMouser517-4816-3000-CP
Panel connectors  

1/4" NC panel mount jackBridechamber 
MIDI connectors (silver)Mouser16HR655
MIDI connectors (black)Mouser164-2522
MTA power connectors  

4 pin 0.156 MTA header (PCB)Mouser571-6404454
4 pin 0.156 MTA connector (cable)Mouser571-3-640426-4
4 pin 0.156 MTA dust cap Mouser571-6405514

Note: these next two parts are for daisy-chain feed-through power cables

4 pin 0.156 MTA thru connector (cable)Mouser571-3-640599-4
4 pin 0.156 MTA thru dust capMouser571-6406434
MTA signal connectors  

Note: the last digit specifies the number of pins


2 pin 0.1 MTA headerMouser571-6404542
2 pin 0.1 MTA connectorMouser571-3-640441-2
2 pin 0.1 MTA dust capMouser571-6405502
FCI signal connectors (e.g. Berg)Mouser 
Note: use where limited space for MTA connectors
0.1" female receptacle (connectors)Mouser649-48235-000LF
2 pin connector housingMouser649-65039-035LF
3 pin connector housingMouser649-65039-034LF
Tempco SMT ResistorsSupplierPart Number
68R 3300PPM 5% 0805 resistorDigikeyP68CDCT-ND
1K 3300PPM 5% 0805 resistorDigikeyP1.0KCDCT-ND
1K8 3300PPM 5% 0805 resistorDigikeyP1.8KCDCT-ND 



potentiometer updated 2018:

P260P-D1BS3CA100K  100k log 20mm

P260P-D1BS3CB100K (update 2018) 20mm

P260P-D1BS4A B-100   voeklner   100k lin 24mm  (too) long


RED: 67-1155-ND mouser

Green: 67-1156-ND mouser

Yellow : 67-1157-ND mouser 

mounting parts

spacer  534-398 mouser 0,167 in outside 4,2mm (error)  wrong

534-405  0,193in outside, 0,25in lenght  4,9mm (error) wrong

534-412  0,232in outside 0,254in lenght 5,9mm (tick)

screws: 534-9409 mouser



4ea #8-32 x 3/8 black screws
(for mounting module to rack)
4ea #6-32 x 3/8 zinc screws (for
attaching pc board to bracket)
4ea 1/8 inch aluminum spacers

6ea #6 KEPS nuts