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Projecttitel: The Cloney Project - VCS3 Clone




Startdate: 08/2018




Manufacture link: facebook group

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Build notes:

Cabinet: i got an unassembled Cabinet, its CNC milled, but doesn´t fit perfect - you have to check the panel slots - on mine it wasn´t possible to attach the frontpanels.

Frontpanel parts: mount all Upper panel parts (potentiometer, switches, meter) before you attach it in the cabinet ! for the lower panel not (otherwise you can´t attach the panel in the cabinet)


ground all shielded cables on the potentiometers ground, only one end must be grounded (not on busboard - because there´s no space)

change the board cable/wiring to MTA100 - solder the cables - (because tons of shielded cables)

Project summary and general notes:

I got the cloney full kit from a friend (my Oberheim OB-6 gone for this investment) in August 2018.

The assembly wasn´t very difficult for me, but what does it mean " isn´t very difficult" ?

to explain this:

My technician background and experience in SDIY from the last 10 years and from my day job "IT system analyzing/administration (and Teamlead/ projectlead)  gives me all the time a other view on "projects", there´s no difference between synthesizer projects/planning and IT-projects.

The most documenations/build guides are best practice guides - how does works for the designer, but the most designer are not PRO DIY guys.. the most are more a salesman or a developer and never build hundreds of synthesizers.

They dont have the same tools like we have.. they dont have the same skills and a developer view instead of customers view.

Its not possible to create a 100% perfect build guide for this device..

To build big devices like DDRM, VCS3 , TTSH - you need to understand:  how works this device and how is it assembled

mechanical construction (case, panels, where are screws, what and when you have to attach a part/cable. > you need a lot of tools

electronic skills: you need to understand the signal routing, functions of the device, difference in shielded /unshielded cable, "synthesizer infrastructure" > you have to read the Cloney build guides ( paperform in each Cloney kit, they are copyrighted ! )

AC Main power handling is required ! or ask a cerfied local company for build/test of the powersupply unit. ( you need to respect earth/grounding for security reasons - or you can lost your life or you device/house in case of electrical shock or fire )

its not enough to build eurorack modules, a TTSH or a DDRM and you´re able to build a VCS3 Clone  - because the VCS3 is an oldscool device - much wires and no instruction which cable you have to attach at first.. there´s only a wiring scheme available. (a friend works on a different version with Control PCBs for less wiring, but the planned release is not before mid 2019)

to troubleshoot/repair this device you need a correct wiring, no missing or wrong parts placement..

I spend ~ 100h in total  (including time to read manuals, documentations).