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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

titleDeckard's Dream Synthesizer

Hi all, this is the place to find the latest building documents for Black Corporation's Deckard's Dream polyphonic synthesizer.

Currently, this project is at rev 1.0, PCB's are currently being released to builders. (18.Oct. 2017) and are being constructed.

A new PCB version rev. 2.1 is planned and the release is planned for July 2018, this page is only for rev.2.x


Product Info:

the Deckard's Dream product is available as Build to order and DIY KIT Version, both released in 2017.

Its also known or coined as the "DDRM".

The difference in the DIY KIT and assembled (Build to order) are:

  • the component format, the DIY KIT is mostly THT, the build to order synth is mostly in SMT.
  • The case size is not as deep for the build to order as it is for the DIY.

Note: Although the DIY has most of the SMT devices pre-installed onto the PCBs, there are over 675 SMT decoupling capacitors (0805) and one small (SOIC8) power switch device that MUST be installed by the builder, in addition to the through hole components

A addional 1U expander is planned - release in 2018

Examples of Presets and voices:

Technical Specs:


Synthesizer features

  • 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer
  • Fully analogue signal path
  • 2 synthesis layers per voice
  • 256 presets

Layer architecture

  • VCO with square, saw and sine waveforms
  • PWM with sine-wave LFO
  • Manual PW (50-90%)
  • 12dB HP and LP discrete filters with separate resonance controls
  • ADSR filter envelope with adjustable initial and attack levels
  • ADSR VCA envelope
  • Velocity and aftertouch controls for filter brilliance and volume levels

Master controls

  • Global coarse/fine tune
  • VCO2 detune
  • LFO with sine, saw, ramp, square and stepped random waveforms
  • LFO destinations: VCO, VCF, VCA
  • Crossfade between layers 1 and 2
  • Global filter brilliance and resonance control for additional resonance
  • Polyphonic aftertouch destinations: LFO speed, LFO to VCO amount, LFO to VCF amount, filter brilliance, volume level
  • Keyboard tracking adjustment for VCF and VCA


  • MIDI/MPE with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Polyphonic pitchbend
  • Unison
  • MIDI over USB
  • 128 factory and 128 user presets
  • Alternate scales and tunings
  • Software editor by Spektro Audio


  • 128×64 OLED display


  • DC input jack (9-24V)
  • External modulation input jack (1/4″)
  • Expander jack (DIN5)
  • USB jack (type B, device/host)
  • MIDI IN jack (DIN5)
  • MIDI THRU jack (DIN5)
  • AUDIO OUT LOW jack (1/4″)
  • AUDIO OUT HIGH jack (1/4″)

Physical specifications  *   the DIY VERSION is different for the depth and weight

  • 19″ 4U rack-mount
  • Width: 483mm / 19″
  • Height: 178mm / 7″
  • Depth: 200mm / 7.8″
  • Weight: ~ 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs incl external PSU brick.

Current identified Errors/Omissions/Errata:

DateLocationIdentified issue



further bugs, issues, problems are reported here (here are user reported issues due to soldering failures or other issues reported too)

Deckard's Dream Home and Store

Current BOM


Shared Mouser Basket: link here not provided yet

Ultravox reply: "The cart doesn't include items that the BOM says are sourced from eBay, Small Bear, synthcube, etc."

About partsourcing:  check the price for the next price break ( 3 resistors are more expensive than 10)

for EU users: order from standard parts, its cheaper as mouser

titleBOM Changelog

REVxxx     update here

(please note the version and changes at the bottom of the sheets. Also see Errors/Omission and Errata above)

Official Build Guide: 

???    for rev2 ??


@ Needspeed  please delete files if needed

check the download location:  for updates, i prefer to wait few weeks before you install a newer version, or check the closed facebook group for comments.


Description: Firmware

Firmware installation procedure: Software Loading Procedure R0.9.3.docx (updated factory presets file and an extra presets bank by Michael Rosner (comes as a BANK2))  (preferred)

firmware is same - check the rev.1 Page for downloads/links.

tested/stable Firmware: (don´t install the latest firmware on important productive environment, thats why i prefer the following)

If you have a working DDRM and only want to update the firmware or soundbanks, just connect a USB cable to your PC and drop the unziped file on the "storage device disk", the zip file contains a firmware file and 2 soundbanks (Bank2 are CS80 patches)

MIDI Chart (MIDI Control Change Message Mapping for the DDRM)

Build: Deckards Dream General Build Thread

Discussion: DIY CS-80 imminent...(Deckard's Dream)

Parts Resources:

Synthcube complete parts kits:

Thonk Group Buys for CEM3340:

Metal Case: DIY Hub

Wooden Case: Ross Lammond (UK)

a very helpful Tool for the SMD Soldering: (and sponsoring for this website hosting)

(link here )

Wooden Case: Ross Lammond (UK)

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