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Firmware Installation

The latest Firmware is and install guide  is on a separate page : ISE-NIN Manuals and FirmwareInstructions for Flashing
• Connect STM LINK to the Motherboard with the ribbon cable from the programmer and connect the STlink programmer with your Mac or PC
• Turn ISENIN on
• Open STM Cube Programmer  or ST LINK utility (cube programmer is the latest software, but STlink utility is fine too and often better)
• Select ST-Link, select connect (which reads the ISE-NIN uC memory)
• Select erasing and programming button (in STlink utility its "program & verify)
• Browse select ISENIN 1.0b-1.hex file from your pc/Mac. -   Start programming ***
• Repeat the procedure described above and select ISENIN 1.0b-2.hex     Start programming as before (program and verify)***you don't need to restart the ISE-NIN after first programming step, in case the ST-LINK tool hangs, just reconnect the USB cable.
Disconnect and restart ISE-NIN its important to remove the Programmer from the ribbon cable - or the device will not start !! 



Instructions for Calibrating