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Projecttitel:TTSH Reverb Driver Mod


Startdate: 2013

Duedate: --

Manufacture link:


Symtom:  reverb hum issue

Solution:  add a low noise IC

works in TTSH rev.1 and TTSH rev.2


copy from:

thanks to nordcore



"Can be build on the board w/o cutting tracks.
(Just swapping the op amp doesn't help anything, as the 22k is the main noise source. )

If "stereo" is meant as "mono in, stereo out":
The driver amp could drive 2 tranks, just add another 100Ohm (R281) for the second tanks drive coil.
Add another recovery amp (as above).
One supplies R212, one R213 (= Faders for reverb level left/right. )"

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