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TTSH Mod Sync Option

from Muffwiggler thanks to all supporters specially "Altitude" and "sduck"

i prefer Sync: for syncing  VCO 3 to VCO2 and VCO1   jumper (set a bridge) JP2,  V1 = out from VCO3(61k9 resistor), S1 to VCO1 sync input, S2 to VCO2 sync input  (at input = 1k5 resistor)

This MOD works in TTSH rev.1, rev.2, rev.3 8pcb version 7-8.x)

its very important  to use shielded cable for VCO I/O connections to the sub vco boards (dont forget to ground the shield ob both sides)

for wiring to switches dont drill the cables, otherwise you get softsync issues.

dont drill the cables for the switches ! or you get some soft sync.

its a difficult MOD and there´re few risk to destroy your rare trannys (2N4125, 2n5459, CA3046) if you do it wrong.

for all users who got my TTSH SYNC PCB, only use the resistor values as shown (the VCO SYNC Version2 PCB use a different PCB designator layout)


6x 100k resistors

4x 150k

2x 2N3904

2x 2N5459

2x 100nf X7R bypass cap MLCC

2x 10uf electrolyt cap

3 x MTA100 power header  and jack 3 pin

2x 2pin mta or 1x 4 pin mta header/jack

spacers, screws, nuts

shielded cables RG174

cables for power, switch

2x switches (UM 3pole)

Thanks to Steve (sduck) for sharing this helpful picture:


  1. Can somebody post a picture where the 2 switches will be placed on the panel please?

    1. Here you go,