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Projecttitel:Paparail Quad VCA


Startdate: 24.01.2014

Duedate: 31.12.2014

Manufacture link:


The Quad VCA is made with a homemade double side pcb without metalized holes ( soldering both sides ... ). Op-amps for CV controls are TL074/84. Op-amps on the "audio" path should be good quality ones , unlike what i did here :the prototype is fitted with LM358 on pictures... .Something like OP275 , NE5532, OPA2604 will be good for this module ..



pcb with soldered components received,

missing parts:

2x SSM2164 - v2164 replacement  each 4,80€

lm358 or OP275

frontpanel can be ordered on Schaeffer (ca.60€)



quadvca.pdf -> Schematic

quadvca_bom.txt  -> BOM


quad_vca_1.fpd  -> FPE file