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Projecttitel: Oakley VCO Controller


Startdate: 07/2015

Duedate: 07/2015

Manufacture link:




Resistors:  13€


Capacitors  5€
33pF low-K or C0G ceramic C3, C2,C18
100pF low-K or C0G ceramic C17, C12
22nF, 63V polyester film C11, C10
100nF, 63V polyester film C1
100nF multilayer axial ceramic C14, C13, C7, C15, C8, C16, C4, C6, C5, C9
2.2uF, 63V electrolytic  C20, C19
Discrete Semiconductors 0,5€
BC560 PNP transistor Q3
1N4148 silicon signal diode D1, D2
Integrated Circuits  13,5€
LM336Z-5.0 5V reference U5   1€
LM13700 Dual OTA U6 1,5€
LT1013CP U2, U3, U4    10€
TL072 U7, U1, U8 1€
Trimmers 3€
22K horizontal SHAPE
100K horizontal SYM, OFFSET
10K cermet multiturn -OCT, +OCT
1K cermet multiturn SCL1, SCL2
Potentiometers 5€
50K linear Alpha 16mm  CV2/LFOMD, CV1/LFO
50K log Alpha 16mm LFO_RATE
misc: 10,5€
pot knobs 3€
switches 2€
ferrits 0,5€
headers mta100,mta156  3€
cable  2€
total:  37€
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