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Projecttitel: Oakley Quad VCA

Status: FINISHED  

Startdate: May 2014

Duedate: july 2014

Manufacture link:



vcad1-um.pdf   Userguide

vcad1-bg.pdf  Buildersguide



Parts: (x2 for quad)

Discrete Semiconductors
BC560 PNP small signal transistor Q1, Q2
1N4148 signal diode D1, D2
Integrated Circuits
TL072ACP dual FET op-amp  U2, U4, U5, U6, U7, U9, U10
LM13700 U3, U8
LM4040DIZ-10.0 10V reference U1*

* The LM4040CIZ-10.0 is also suitable



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