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Projecttitel: Oakley Discontinuity

Status: FINISH

Startdate: May 2014

Duedate: 24.05.2014

Manufacture link:



discon3-um.pdf  Userguide rev.3

discon3-bg.pdf Buildersguide rev.3


Frontpanel File: (pls. check the distance between pots)



Building tip:  repplace the Offset1  trimmer with multiturn otherwise you go grazy in calibration process.


Parts: (feel free to ask me to source the parts)

Integrated Circuits
4558 dual bi-polar op-amp  U1
78L05 +5V 100mA regulator U14
79L05 -5V 100mA regulator U15
TL072 dual J-FET op-amp  U3, U4, U5, U6, U9, U10, U12, U13
LF412CN dual J-FET op-amp U7
DG403 dual SPDT analogue switch U8   from TME/Mouser
LM13700 dual OTA U11
LM2903 dual low power comparator  U2


The Image from the SCOPE is with ghosting due to camera speed.