Projecttitel: Mfos Sequencer 16Step


Startdate: Aug.2013

Duedate: Nov.2013

Manufacture link:


Here starts a building of a Mfos16Step Sequencer in MU Format

finished Nov.2013






BOM for Quote:

Knobs:  ??


   32x alpha 16mm full 100k lin   Diameter hole: 6,9mm      - drill  7mm

      2x alpha 16mm full 1M   Diameter hole: 6,9mm  drill 7mm

Jacks:  Diameter hole: 9,9mm  - drill 10mm

Led´s:  5mm LED Holder Diameter - drill 6,4mm

Switch:  Diameter hole: 6,1mm  drill 6,5mm

Rotation Switch:    Diameter hole: 10,6mm   drill - 11mm

Pusbutton Switch red and black:   Diameter hole: 11,4mm    drill 11,5 or 12mm



Pcb Parts: see Child page

Technical Docs and more:

source :