Status: FINISH

Startdate: 17.05.2014

Duedate: 25.05.2014

Manufacture link:






MOTM480 User's Guide.pdf


Hard to find Parts:

3x CA3280

2x SSM2220

2x LT1013

1x 1k tempco (bridechamber, thonk or synthcube)

for 221k resistor handselect a 220k resistor to a value like 220,5k -  same for other non E6/E12/ values, try carbon resistors - they have 5% tolerance to handselect correct values in 1% value.



i tried in 2 MOTM different capaciators for 1N5 (C12,C13,C19,C20)  polysterene and polypropylene, both sounds Modules identical.


make Attention on jack wiring for jacks: okt/V, FM, CV - the polarity is reverse as the  other jacks.

Per Dave Brown:

"Replaced R56 and R61 with 1K trimmers. The trimmers fit in the resistor footprint by clipping one lead and slightly spreading the other two leads.

"I had very weird distortion and strange modes at high resonance levels. ... Decreasing the input level to '8' eliminated both effects but I wanted to avoid them at both maximum input level and resonance. I adjusted the maximum resonance to limit the maximum output voltage to +/-13 volts."