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Projecttitel: MOTM420


Startdate: 04.August

Duedate: 29.August 2014

Manufacture link:


Parts, only listed non standard parts:

44k2 resistor1mouser: 271-44.2K-RC 
51k1 resistor3mouser: 271-51.1K-RC 
75k resistor1mouser 273-75K-RC 
221k resistor1mouser 271-221K-RC 
475k resistor1mouser 270-475K-RC 
LT1013 OP1mouser 595-LT1013CP 

13600 op

LM or NJM13600

1mouser NJM13600D 
4556 OP1mouser 513-NJM4556AD 
4558 OP1mouser 595-RC4558P 
1k tempco1synthcube/bridechamber 
100k log pot  vishay/spectrol TT3bridechamber bitech pots 
100k lin pot - vishay/spectrol TT1bridechamber bitech pots 
100k lin pot bourns - blue3mouser 
20k trimmer bourns 33861652-3386P-1-203LF 
2k trimmer bourns 33861652-3386P-1-202LF 




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