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Kleesequencer in 5U

STATUS  : done

Startdate: July 2012

Duedate: 12-2014

Manufacture link:





unfinished Kleesequencer - work in progress (click to enlarge)


internal info: left switches for Demonstration only, top and button exchange to LED holders


Frontpanel parts:

1650k linpot
31M lin pot
3100k linpot
16SPSTON-OFF   Pattern switch
16SPDTON_:OFF_ON Gate Switch
2SPST(ON)-OFF (pushbuttons)
1SW43SP8T Rotary
196,3mm jacks 3pole swiitched
22LED rot 


Copy from em: "I used the Toggleswitch 1 pole ON-OFF-ON, flat toggle for the gate bus switches, and the Toggleswitch SPDT flat toggle for all others. I recommend to use the miyamas though, as they have superior quality. "