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Projecttitel: Arp 2612 Filter


Startdate: 21.October 2014

Duedate: 28.October.2014

Manufacture link:


Muffwiggler link:


the Filter sounds very good - one of the best Filter i heard (MOTM440, MOTM480 too)


Building guide:   2612_BuildDoc.pdf

i go forward to use a 2n3958 like the original instead of 2x2n5459, in building guide " there are markings for usage of 2n3958"


Parts/BOM  (listed only non standard parts)

pcb (control and main pcb from steffcorp

1x tempco 1k87  (i used a 3500ppm KRL, check and  )

2x 1n5817

1x LM301AN or LM301AH

4x 3k32 (3k3 works fine too)

1x 23k2  (Tip: check cermet 22k for tolerances (wink)

1x 196k

2x 250R trimpot multiturn or 500R trimmer

1x 10k trimpot multiturn

1x 100k trimpot multiturn

Panel 4072 panel from, you can add the finetune on the pcb /the 4072 bridechamber panel dont have a finetune pot

2x 100k lin bourns pot (frequenncy, resonance)  - prefered due to handling

2x 100k log Bourns pot (input1, input2) usage of alpha/alps are fine too

2x 100k  pot for CV



all 2N3904/2N3906 was matched by me within 1mV

a pair 2N5459 was matched too

resistors, caps, sockets, transistors was stuffed by me, pcb washed, all trimmer and ics added later,

for MOTM conversion: make sure you connect both pcb in correct way !!

wiring of jacks:   make sure you connect for CV1-CV2-v/oct  the jackswitch to the pcb.

i used shielded cables (RG174) for input/output jack

calibration: see build document and double check it , in my case was the gain and offset related to the initfrequency at beginning.

V/oct calibration result was not perfect but better as some other filters i have build in last years.


copy from

This is a clone of the 4012 VCF used in the ARP 2600.
Other than some substituted parts and a “sandwich-layout” mainly adjusted for the eurorack standard, I have tried to keep all the original quirks as close to the original as possible.

The “sandwich-layout” simply means the VCF is split in 2x PCB’s mounted in parallel on top of each other.
The Core-PCB contains the main circuit, while the Control-PCB contains the controlling elements as well as the buffers.

See the Build-Document for more detailed info/options regarding the build.

Main controls:

  • Frequency & Fine-tune

  • Resonance

  • Attenuators for Audio and FM inputs


  • 2x Audio

  • 2x FM

  • 1V/OCT


  • Lowpass output

Technical details:

  • Width 12HP

  • Buffered inputs & output

  • Depth about 35mm, depending on choice of components