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Dear DIY Friends,


due to private situations i closed my webshop on 23 April 2018.

If everything works well, i´m back with a DIY store at least in the year 2020.

The website is sponsored for one year by the best synthesizer case carpenter Ross Lamond

and another year by "The Black Company" known as Roman.F or from the DDRM Synthesizer .

(there are more details in a muffwiggler thread)

I´m still active with SDIY support here and plan to update this big website application server in next weeks.

In last month we worked hard (Jammie Logan (JMLS))on a new Arp4012 Filter in MOTM format

This module is avaiable in few weeks by JMLS.

Another Module was designed by VDD (a new german EE) and me, its a MOTM Module - 14channel (2x7 or 14channels) Active Splitter and 14channel buffered multiple (2x7ch or 14ch)

Its avaiable very soon on different resellers.

or drop me an email.


best regards