Blog from January, 2016

Juergen Haible pcbs received


i received a lot of old stock Juergen Haible pcbs,

its planned to build 2x Frequency Shifter in 2U 19" rack with indcluded 2 LFOs for modulation like my first build.

Further its planned 2x Triple Chorus in 1U 19" Rack or as desktop case like my Haible Krautrockphaser.

I left a old stock Tau Pipe Phaser pcb too, its possible to add this in a 19" 1U Case with the great Triple Chorus too.

feel free to contact me



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The last stock of the TTSH will be sold out on the 8th of January 2016. Once they're sold out the project will be discontinued. This to focus forward and aim to create new and exciting things in 2016!

i dont offer after this date groupbuys, parts, cases or TTSHs too.