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Projecttitel: RE-909


Startdate: 10/2020

Duedate: 02/2020

Updated: 27.April 2021

Manufacture link:



Facebook Group:

Its an replica - not just another clone

BOM: (last upload 08/2021)




v.1.1added IC11 and D30, D31, D33 to ORDERING
v.1.2added info from christian about cabling
v.1.3added gnd build notes from Christian, fixed an amount value
v.1.4changed electrolytic capacitor in safety psu from 25V to 35V.

because its standard to have at AC Rectifier a safety range of multiplier 1.5 - 2

(for example an 18VAC is able to give after the rectifier a 28V-29V DC voltage.

regards Patrick (big grin)

v.1.5added extra alternative options for 10k trimmers (clap)
v.1.6fixed value in tape section.

new value R311: 820K (old value was 820R)

" Amp section "

fixed C143 voltage 47uF to 50V.

35V is fine too (comment Patrick)

v.1.7advisory added for snare drum fix.
v.1.8added info about cabling and errors in TR-909 service docs
v.1.9fixed values in high tom, C95 and C97 were reversed

new value C95: 100nF

new value C97: 15nF

(just swap both capacitors, old value was C95 15nF & C97 was 100nF)

Build Guide

Christians Illustrated build guide part 1 ENGLISH

Christians Illustrated build guide part 2 ENGLISH

Christians Illustrated build guide part 3 ENGLISH

Christians Illustrated build guide RE-909_parts_orientation_and_tips_ENGLISH

Christians Illustrated build guide part 1 GERMAN

Christians Illustrated build guide part 2 GERMAN

Christians Illustrated build guide part 3 GERMAN

Christians Illustrated build guide RE-909_parts_orientation_and_tips_GERMAN

RE-909 case assembly guide (DE).pdf

RE-909 case assembly guide (EN).pdf

IDIssueFixdatefixed version

Snare Drum section - 

please download v.1.7 build documentation for details.

Service advisory: after building the snare you must place a jumper as shown in the pic below, this is shown without parts placed for clarify

bigger picture from me - easier to find the place..

17.Dec.20201.9 build guide
2C95/c97 Tom sectionswap both against each other17 Dec. 20201.9 buid guide

if you‘re using the Safety PSU do not connect pin 27 and pin 28 on the F3 cable, otherwise you‘ll create a ground loop.

17.dec. 20201.9 build guide

PSU - wrong routing

→ affects the memory

change the 5.6V zener as shown here:

17.Dec. 2020
  • not released - not Confirmed