Projecttitel: Oakleysound TM3030


Startdate: 01 Aug. 2015

Duedate: 01.Feb. 2016

Manufacture link:

buildersguide rev.3 (from 2015)




(standard resistors not listed here)


1K +3500ppm/K PTC - see text for mounting information.



10nF 1% polystyrene C9   or polypropylene

33pF ceramic plate C1, C2

330p ceramic plate C21

3n3, 100V polyester C30

1nF, 100V polyester C12

10nF, 100V polyester C11

15nF, 100V polyester C29

33nF 100V polyester C41, C23, C28, C24

47nF 100V polyester C32

100nF, 63V polyester film C31, C6, C49, C47, C33, C34

220nF, 63V polyester film C14

330nF, 63V polyester film C56

100nF, 63V axial ceramic C5, C7, C10

1u0, 63V elect C37, C13, C55, C52, C19, C53, C51, C42, C46, C44, C35,

C43, C15, C20

2u2, 63V elect C22, C8

10uF, 35V elect C54, C48, C27, C38, C36, C50, C17, C18, C25

22uF, 35V elect C4, C3

47uF, 35V elect C45, C26, C39, C40

470uF, 35V elect C16


Discrete Semiconductors

1N4004 power diode D7, D6, D4, D3

1N4148 signal diode D2, D14, D1, D5, D8, D13, D12, D10, D9, D11

BC182L NPN transistor Q5, Q4     ebay

BC212L PNP transistor Q3     ebay

BC550 NPN transistor Q34, Q9, Q10, Q27, Q8, Q26, Q7, Q20, Q19, Q21, Q15, Q14,

Q29, Q30, Q24, Q25, Q12, Q17, Q23, Q13

BC550C NPN transistor Q36, Q37 - matched pair, see text.

BC560C PNP transistor Q31, Q6, Q33, Q32, Q11, Q16, Q22, Q28

J201 FET Q35 - only if not fitting BA662 in U15

J201 FET Q2 - only if not fitting 2SK30A-0 in Q1

2SC1583 NPN pair U12 - only if not fitting Q36 & Q37

2SK30A-O FET Q1 - only if not fitting J201 in Q2

2SK30-Y FET Q18

THAT300P NPN array U6, U9     order from banzai


Integrated Circuits

4050 hex non-inverting bufferU5, U4

4066 quad analogue switch U8

6562 or LM358 dual op-amp U7, U13

6N137 opto coupler U2

LM723 voltage regulator U10

78L05 +5V regulator U1

BA662 Roland OTA U15 - fit only if not fitting CA3080 in U14)

CA3080 OTA U14 - fit only if not fitting BA662 in U15)   we use this

PIC18F242 TM midi-chip U3 - supplied with PCB



2K multiturn cermet PSU

10K multiturn cermet V/OCT

50K multiturn cermet PITCH

470K horizontal carbon FREQ, OFFSET



1M log DECAY


50K lin x 2 (dual gang) RESONANCE

50K log VOLUME



4.000MHz crystal X1 - see text for mounting information.

5-pin DIN socket MIDI_IN, MIDI_OUT

1/4" jack socket AUDIO_OUT

2.1mm power inlet AC_POWER  (changed from 2,5mm)


3x leds, 1x switch, 7x knobs ..



my TM3030 was build with the BA662 Clone






Copyshop Version (pdf DINA3 scaled)