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Here is the Frontpanel file from oldcrow:

crowbx_hostpanel_6ux5u_rev2_w_logo_161_4cv4gate_stereo.fpd original

crowbx_hostpanel_6ux5u_rev2_w_logo_161_4cv4gate_stereo_layout.fpd    - Made in Germany

Technical Info Panel:

3mm Aluminium eloxiert

Höhe: 221,87mm

Breite: 266,70mm


price :135,60€ original

price   136,08€ modified Panel (Made in Germany)


LED hole: 3,17mm

Jacks hole: 9,5mm  (tick)

                         -->  here modded <--                                                                                                                                 --> here modded <--



MIDI CV Marienberg 4voice polyphonic midi converter :

  • Abmessungen (H x B x T): 222,25 x 101,60 x 38,00 mm
  • Gewicht: 380 g

picture copy of

(all picture rights by marienbergdevices)










267mm  obx

102mm  marienberg

= 369mm



19" Rack ist 48,26cm breit


Proof of Concept: