Projecttitel: Minimoog Restauration

Status: DONE

Startdate: May 2014

Duedate: March 2017

Manufacture link:

after service

1. Optical issues basic todo: (tick)

de-assembly the main components like chassis, knobs

Cleaning all Parts

2. electronic: (tick)

unplug the voicecards to check the condition of contacts, trimmer

Powersupply: (tick)

replace all electrolyte caps with new caps

replace all rectifiers with new one

Midi Interface (tick)

external Kenton midi, no internal interface needed

Poti replacement:  open

5k lin:  tune, 2x oscfreq, cutoff, amount, 2x sustain, main vol, HP vol, glide   = 10

25k lin: mod mix, 3x osc volume, noise  = 5

50k rev audio vcf emphasis = 1

1m audio: 2x decay, 2x attack, ext. audio in= 5

=total 21 


50k audio  modwheel

25k lin pitchwheel

Knobs:   = 52,13GBP

big knobs:   ca.1,20$  needed 2 =2,40$

small knobs  0,85$  needed 19 =16,15$

pointer :   1,95GBP needed 6 = 11,7GBP

otherwise all from 

Good Documentation:

2x Standard 1" Classic knob each = 3,5GBP

2xpackages  Skirtless 3/4" Classic knob 10 Pack = 29gbp

6x Pointer Classic knob each = 11,7GBP

total = 44,2GBP = 55€

other Minimoog Parts:  -> spring contcats kit 75usd, knobkit 89usd, screws 7usd (lefthand controller, back screw kit)   --> key bushing with shipping 52,45usd  -> black bushing  with shipping 50USD

Austria:   grommets 50€

Bushings:    25USD -> optokey

minimoog pots:

from  have the same pots for sale:  

My Minimoog:

after restauration

Minimoog Trimmer:

more Files: (general files for servicing of Model D)

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