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Modifications for LXR Drumsynth:


  • powerswitch on rear panel top, and power connection port on bottom (tick)
  • Wood side panels (tick)
  • LED Colour - blue, amber -   in 2014
  • acryl yellow-orange with white engraving - (error)
  • custom Panel (tick)
  • Trigger outs in 2014


online Sources:


Panel files:

SP_LXRCase_062_Patrick.eps - own 15mm each side bigger  -> with power connection hole/square

Original Panel eps file



my Panel dont have at the rearside a cutting for the onboard powerconnector , so i can place a powerswitch at above from a powerconnection input.


This picture shows the powerconnection on top, but its limited to use the switch because the powerconnection cable disturbs.


whats wrong ?

.. the connector limited the switch a bit in the original rearpanel.




The solution:

its needed to add a new powerconnection port:  DC Buchse 2,1mm Lumberg (dc21lum)

with a new designed rearpanel, power switch at top, new jack bottom














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