Projecttitel:Kawai R-100 Modification and service

Status: DONE

Startdate: May 2019

Duedate: May2019

Manufacture link:


install Circuit Benders Eprom Mod

replace battery -  CR17335SE list the battery, also ebay shops - make sure the pinout is correct, there are 2 different versions PCB and PCB2 

replace tactile switches  - use the tactile from TB-303/RE-303:   688-SKQEAA from Mouser electronics.

replace the Volume Potentiometer, use a Stereo Typ from mouser with 25mm length instead of 20mm because they are not available, use a saw to get the correct length.


reset the Device after installing the Mod,

turn off the machine, hold the "ERASE" button while power the machine on.

then clear all patterns:

To clear all pattern-song data: hold down the No.1 button and press [ERASE], then [ENTER] twice.

remove the cables, push/pull it with a flat screwdriver

new Potentiometer - remove the potentiometer knob, then remove the nut - you don't need to remove the aluminium rail !!

blue = old switches

grey = new

 circuit Benders Mod: addional  Sounds