Projecttitel: Progue


Startdate: 02/2021

Duedate: 03/2021

Manufacture link:



PROGUE is a monophonic analog DIY synthesizer inspired by the two well-known vintage synthesizers: ROGUE and PRODIGY. While both of them had their pros and cons, the goal with the PROGUE was to combine their best qualities into a single portable tabletop synthesizer.

The prime focus was maintaining those specific sound characteristics that still makes them desirable today and to add some of the features we always thought they lacked.

From independently modulated PWM and Oscillator Gate Sync to passive High-Pass Filter and precise Fine-tuning of the Oscillators, PROGUE delivers it all without forgetting the modern self-evident functionalities like Polychain via MIDI.

Specs: (click to expand)


  • Two discrete oscillators with Sawtooth and Pulse waveforms
  • Pulse width and pulse width modulation
  • Hard sync: OSC2 to OSC1 with envelope control
  • Oscillators can be synced to Gate
  • OSC2 tuning: Interval and Beat (fine) amount
  • Pink noise generator


  • OSC1 amount
  • OSC2 amount
  • Noise / External input amount


  • Four-pole (24db/oct) transistor ladder Low Pass Filter with resonant control
  • LPF can be driven to self-oscillation
  • Keyboard tracking amount
  • Independent passive High Pass Filter


  • Two ADS style envelopes for LPF and VCA


  • Triangle, Square and random waveforms
  • Rate, OSC amount, VCF amount
  • Midi modwheel / aftertouch to VCF / VCA / both


  • Built-in 16-bit Midi to CV converter with 2 channel DAC
  • 1V/OCT and MOD amount (via mod wheel or aftertouch)
  • Poly-chain (for max. 5 units)


  • Mono output (1/4" phone jack)
  • Headphones output (1/4" stereo phone jack)
  • Mono external input (1/4" phone jack)
  • CV input (1/4" phone jack)
  • GATE input (1/4" phone jack)
  • VCF CV input (1/4" phone jack)
  • Midi input and thru (5-pin DIN)


  • 12VDC (0.35A) power adapter (2.1mm DC jack)


  • Enclosure 10" x 6" x 2" (254mm x 152.4mm x 50.8mm)


PROGUE-REV-A-BOM.pdf (last version February 2020)


make sure you order the Tempcos from Digi-Key : ERA-V33J101V‎

and order the case from Digi-Key or mouse, see above BOM (pdf)

the ribbon cable is pretty expensive, so if you like to make your own, just switch the pre-made in mouser cart to FM connectors 2x17 (34)
LM393D should be 511-LM393ADT

alpha 9mm not in card available from UK-elektronik
2x C1M
1x C50K


IDdateissuesolutionfixed in production version


ribbon cable

its cheaper 15cm is fine

NEVER use Floppy disk cables - this are not 1:1 pin assigned

2INFOic pin out

DAC and LDO is upside down, all other pin1 top-left

or check dadatsheet


C95A is C15A1

C95B is C15B1 on pcbs

426.1bom change (last version is A)

R210 was 1k5 now 1k (SMT led resistor)

C95a1 and C95b1 changed to: C95A and C95B

 added one dip8 socket to bom


install S7 at the end of the build - for prototype version only !!!

606.02-2021check that no traces are under the slide switch tabs, and check for traces under the potentiometer tabs.bend or cut them. ( Janne agreed that he change the pcb - production run don't have traces under the switch tabs and pot tabs) unknown

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