Projecttitel: Hartman Neuron Repair


Startdate: 04/2015

Duedate:  - open

Manufacture link: -

Issue:  System boot up in to Init Mode.. "Welcome to NEURON"


  • open the Synth
  • connect a USB keyboard and Monitor (VGA connection on mainboard)
  • BIOS show wrong date and time - > battery check and replacement dont solved this isse >  clear CMOS jumper dont solved too this issue.
  • settings of bootup on failure/system halt must be disabled, IRQ/DMA set to manual instead auto mode - but with further lost cmos settings...
  • sometimes on boot no VGA Screen/BIOS is shown ->  mainboard failure
  • i´m looking for a replacement board or maybe i try to build in a other mainboard with virtualisation OS and "hartmans" OS (linux gentoo) in a virtual environment

Download OS Image: